Could your dog be the next star of Brandy packs?

To celebrate our 50th birthday, we're giving four lucky dogs the chance to star on our limited edition anniversary packs. The competition is now closed and winners are being contacted. Watch this space for further updates!

Now Closed
By your side for 50 years

Brandy turns 50!

Brandy dog food has come a long way from the first days of production. The packaging may have changed but our products are still made with 100% Irish meats, locally sourced. For over 50 years, Brandy has been lovingly made in the heart of County Armagh. From the first can, our talented team have ensured the best quality and great tasting food for dogs across Ireland. After all they are 100% family.

We invite you to join us, as we celebrate being by your side for 50 years- check out some of our birthday competitions here! BRANDY 50th COMPETITIONS- click here!

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By their side for over 50 years

From pets to sporting companions to service dogs, our pets add an unmeasurable quality to our lives. They provide companionship and company, standing beside us through all the daily challenges of life. At Brandy, we're proud to celebrate being by their side for over 50 years! After all, they are family!

By their side for over 50 years