Who are we?

At Brandy, we've been by your side for over 50 years, working to ensure the best for dogs, whatever their size. After all, they are 100% family. Our recipes are 50 years in the making and are expertly developed to ensure a balanced diet of proteins, natural oils, and vitamins.

Using locally sourced meat, cooked with love and care, when you give your dog Brandy, you know you are maintaining a healthy coat while added vitamins and minerals help with all-round health and vitality.

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By their side for over 50 years

From pets to sporting companions to service dogs, our pets add an unmeasurable quality to our lives. They provide companionship and company, standing beside us through all the daily challenges of life. At Brandy, we're proud to celebrate being by their side for over 50 years! After all, they are family!

By their side for over 50 years